Russell Westbrook Point guard for Oklahoma City Thunder.

Despite putting up over 20 triple doubles so far this season Russell Westbrook is still not worthy of starting in the NBA All-Star Game.

In case you been living under a rock, Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder will not start in this year’s NBA All-Star Game. This is breaking news because Westbrook is averaging a triple-double, meaning he averages more then 10 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists per game. At this rate he is one of the favorites to win this season MVP award the way he is carrying his team. He is a force to be recognized in the league, and is doing so with a lack of a supporting team, and he is still not receiving the credibility to start in the All-Star Game.

Why Not Russell?

While the world may be wondering why someone who puts up triple doubles almost every night, didn’t get a starting position on the heavily deep western All-Star team. My beliefs bring me to the issue between Russell Westbrook and head coach of the All-Star Game Steve Kerr and his team player’s Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and newly acquired and former teammate of Russell Westbrook Kevin Durant. So far, this season the Golden State Warriors have won every match up between Oklahoma City Thunder, and during those heated games a lot of anger, frustration and emotion was shown from start to finish. I know it’s sad to see Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook not teammates anymore back on OKC, but time’s have changed and so have Westbrook and Durant. But, that’s another story! The main focus is why is Russell Westbrook not starting in the All-Star Game, he definitely deserves it for what he has proven so far this season.

Averaging a triple-double apparently is not enough.

This year the Western conference is filled with talent, especially in the guard position. Not everyone can earn a spot in the All-Star Game, which is hard for some players to accept that they are not “All-Star worthy” player’s. Since Westbrook is averaging a triple double more then any active player in the league, he deserves a starting position for the West All-Star team. I understand that Steve Kerr is head coach and he rather see his star Stephen Curry start at the point instead of Russell Westbrook. Also, that All-Star votes are depended on fan voting, which means that the fans select who they want to see and start in the All-Star Game. The fans have spoken and decided to see Curry and Durant of the Golden State Warriors start the All-Star Game, instead of the triple double machine in Westbrook.

Russell Westbrook (left) receiving the MVP award in 2016 and Kevin Durant (left) congratulating him.

Can Westbrook play with Golden State Warriors?

This will be an awkward game for Russell Westbrook, since he has to partner up with his enemies on the GSW roster and has to listen to the Warriors head coach Steve Kerr. Last weekend Westbrook and Durant and the rest of the GSW played in a heated match up. During the game I watched Westbrook and Durant saying disrespectful words to one another, which led to a heated game that the GSW won. It’s going to be hard to watch Westbrook and Durant play together, I wonder if their will be all smiles or frowns during this years All-Star Game.

In my opinion the All-Star Game is completely not fun to watch anymore. My reasons are for one, the fans select who should start and be on the roster. I think the All-Star Game should be based on the best performances from the top athletes from both West and East conference. As of right now Westbrook is putting up the best stats in the NBA, despite his field goal percentage and turn-over ratio affecting him to be the top player in the league. I still believe that Russell Westbrook is the best point guard and top 5 player in the NBA this season. Russell Westbrook should start in the All-Star Game! What I would like to see is Westbrook, Durant and Harden all start during the All-Star Game and play together just like they use to in Oklahoma City. The All-Star Game will be on February 19, let’s see if Westbrook will receive enough playing time to defend his All-Star Game MVP title for the third time.